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3.7 Liter Jeep Engines

A new engine and a new life for your Jeep

Our 3.7 liter Jeep engines are ideal to bring your Jeep back to life, without hitting your wallet too hard. At Fraser Engines, we have 30 years of experience working with engines. We sell remanufactured 3.7 liter Jeep engines that are built to the highest of standards.

3.7L Jeep Engine

Our team of experienced professionals, can help you find the 3.7L Jeep engine you need – whether it is a new or remanufactured model. Or we can repair or rebuild your existing engine. Either way, our expert installers will get you back on the road in no time.

A three year warranty for your peace of mind

If obtaining the power of a brand new engine for the price of a used one wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy a three year warranty. The warranty offers unlimited mileage, and is applicable all over the United States. Thanks to the caliber of our mechanics and the care we take in refurbishing your engine, we’re certain you’ll have years of high performance ahead of you.

Remanufactured for performance

By refurbishing and replacing parts of the engine, our engine remanufactures can ensure that your 3.7 liter Jeep engine runs like new, looks like new and fits perfectly. A number of parts are replaced in each and every Jeep remanufactured engine we sell, including:

  • Timing components
  • Gasket set
  • Pistons, rings and oil pump

Your replacement 3.7 liter Jeep engine also includes a crank ground and block bore, and you can rest assured that the cylinder heads and connecting rods have been completely refurbished to ensure performance and reliability.

Replace the heart of your Jeep with your own remanufactured 3.7 liter engine. Call today: (586) 997-8100

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